About Us

Simple, Affordable & Fun

The best way to get to know buzzr is getting to know our customers – residential customers who like to do their shopping on the internet and think that it is not too much to ask that their purchases arrive at a convenient time and place quickly.
And that is exactly what we do at buzzr. We create a unique, simple and high-quality buying experience that puts our customers' needs at the center; making the delivery process comfortable and user-friendly.
Expertise, Technology and People
At buzzr it is not only important to us that your package arrives at your doorstep, but also that it arrives in perfect condition. For this purpose, we have developed three main tools:
Expertise – we specialize in residential customers. That means that our buzzrs are familiar with each and every street, alley, house and city in which they work. It also means that we deliver at hours that are comfortable for residential customers even if that means working on weekends. But mainly it means that we care about each person and their individual needs.
Technology – a unique technology that we developed allowing each customer to be in full control throughout the entire process; to choose an arrival time, know at what stage of the delivery process the package is in, track the progress of the buzzr online, know who will stand at the opposite side of the door when the package arrives and what the delivery person looks like – and all this in an easy, effortless manner.
People – the delivery people and all buzzr staff are the company's engine, gas, wheels and steering wheel. Thus, we developed a unique employment model allowing us to choose quality people who know their delivery areas well. But most importantly – we choose people who are nice, who you can contact throughout the delivery process, who will arrive at a convenient time for you and update you if they are late.

The People on the Other Side of the Door
The special employment model we operate allows us to provide unique and precise service, to hire employees with qualities and life experience and challenge the world of deliveries. Amongst our exceptional staff are senior citizens and students who are aware of the importance of superior service and who know how to provide all-inclusive, uncompromising responses to all your needs. So, when customers open their doors, a pleasant and smiley person will always be on the other side.
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Who Needs buzzr ?
Everyone. Anyone who makes online purchases and has had it with not knowing when the package they ordered will arrive, and companies interested in providing their customers with comprehensive, high-quality service from the beginning of the purchasing process and until receipt of the product.
Want to hear more? Send us your contact details through our Contact Us page and we will gladly do the rest.